Forbes berichtet über den aktuellen CRM Report von Gartner

Im Forbes Blog ist ein interessanter Artikel erschienen, der sich mit den aktuellen Trends in der CRM Welt beschäftigt. Der Autor Louis Columbus bezieht sich dabei auf den aktuellen diesbezüglichen Gartner Report. Zum vollständigen Artikel geht es hier.


What's Hot in CRM Applications, 2012

Serving the salesforce is a mantra and mindset that resonates through the best companies I’ve ever worked with and for.

That priority alone can help galvanize companies who are adrift in multiple, conflicting agendas, strategies and projects.  Uniting around that goal – serving sales and getting them what they need to excel – can turn around even the most downtrodden companies.  And size doesn’t matter, the intensity of focus and commitment to excel  do.

That’s why the latest report from Gartner’s Ed Thompson, What’s “Hot” in CRM Application 2012, published last Thursday resonates with me.  He’s talking about how sales strategies need to be propelled by rapid advances in mobile technology, social CRM, sales content and collaboration, and clienteling to serve the sales force more thoroughly than ever before.  His assessment of what’s hot in CRM is a great foundation for getting behind the mantra of serving the sales force and engraining it into a corporate culture while getting full value from the latest technologies.

Here are the key take-aways from the report: Weiterlesen